Remoter is an audio plugin that allows you to stream audio directly from your DAW to any web browser-capable device.

This is useful for quick mix translation checks on your phone speakers/earbuds/laptop speakers.

Simply insert the plugin, start the server, and scan the QR code to open the supporting web app in your browser. Then press connect to start streaming.


  • Lossless audio streaming
  • Highest bitrate Opus encoded audio streaming (not yet supported on iOS)
  • Latency that is low enough to allow for comfortably making mix adjustments in real-time
  • Configurable buffer size for finding optimal latency vs stability
  • Multiple simultaneous connections are possible
  • No dedicated app on the phone needed - it works in the web browser


  1. The stability and latency of the connection depends on your network setup, your DAW and your phone model. Make sure you test with the trial version first to see if performance is good enough for you on your specific setup.
  2. Lossless streaming relies on a deprecated browser feature. If browser vendors decide to actually remove this feature lossless streaming will no longer work.
  3. Opus encoded streaming does not yet work on iOS. It requires the browser to support the Media Source Extensions API. Safari on iOS does not offer this feature as of now.
  4. If, in the future, browsers start to require HTTPS for any of the browser features Remoter relies on Remoter will stop working.

Test the plugin in trial mode for free. Trial mode sends out the signal as mono and goes quiet for a bit every 30 seconds. If your satisfied with how it works you can purchase a license to unlock the plugin and remove all restrictions.


Need help? Read the help page to see if your question is answered there.

If not, you can also contact me at  


You can download installers for Mac or Windows here. There is no separate demo installer. Once installed you are automatically in trial mode until you unlock the full version with a key. The Mac installer contains the plugin in both AU and VST3 format. The Windows installer contains the plugin just in VST3 format.

Current version: 1.0.2 - released November, 2022

Download an older version


You can purchase a license key to unlock the full version on Gumroad.